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Whether it’s kitchen knives, cutlery, pots, pans, or small electrical appliances, WMF products have been impressing customers for almost 170 years with high-quality materials, thoughtful design, and a unique look. Nowadays, WMF products can be found in households around the world. And not without reason—after all, the company has already received more than 600 awards for outstanding product quality and exceptional designs. Now, the largest coffee machine provider in Germany is venturing into the premium class of fully automatic machines.


High-Class Celebrity Event with Premium-Quality

As Germany’s largest coffee machine provider, WMF is now conquering the premium class of fully automatic machines. For the occasion, B+D designs a high-class celebrity event with an exclusive guest list featuring top star and testimonial Diane Kruger.

Successful launch

The launch event for press, influencers, celebrities, and partners is intended to serve as an anchor for brand image expansion. An elaborate event PR strategy encourages extensive coverage by the tabloid press. Targeted influencer marketing results in organic posts, providing even more reach for the event.

WMF becomes the “Talk of Town”

The result: an outstanding evening with attention to detail. Eye-catching presentations, unique photo opportunities, and exciting interviews with dozens of TV channels and publishers lead to an event of superlatives with extensive coverage in the tabloid media. The WMF event, with the launch of the new fully automatic machine and positioning in the upscale market, remains the “Talk of Town” for days.