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Verbraucherzentrale NRW – Imagemovie

Many students may have heard about the Consumer Protection Center, but they often do not know that the institution also advocates for issues that are part of the everyday lives of young people. Within the context of educational events at schools, the question is therefore addressed: what the Consumer Protection Center actually is and why it is relevant for young people.


Imagemovie “What is the Consumer Protection Center?”

A short video has been created to serve as an introduction at events in Secondary Education Level I and II (ages 14-20). It illustrates the work of the Consumer Protection Center through three case examples and encourages individuals to seek guidance from the counseling centers in legal uncertainties.

Three young actors share their perspectives without a promotional attitude. Their message is, “There is someone advocating for my rights, and I know where to get independent information. I am glad that someone represents my interests on a political level.”