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Verbraucherzentrale NRW – Energy Division

As a service provider, the Consumer Protection Center NRW e.V. provides comprehensive information and advice on everyday consumer issues. The ‘Energy’ division supports consumers with advisory services, public awareness campaigns, educational modules, and advocacy on all aspects of the energy transition.

Cross-media campaigns

Consumer Information Campaigns

The consumer information campaigns by the Consumer Protection Center illustrate how energy can be saved in everyday life and the benefits of renewable energy. The energy transition can only succeed if everyone participates.

CAMPAIGN: ‘No Time for Wrong Decisions!’

The contribution of each individual to the energy transition is the only way to stop climate change. But where does one start, and what is the best way? In everyday life, crucial decisions are often postponed due to a lack of orientation on numerous detailed questions, making decision-making cumbersome. For our climate, it may be too late.

At this point, the information campaign of the Consumer Protection Center NRW comes into play. Advisory services on various individual topics of everyday life are at the heart of communication, motivating consumers not to let time pass but to act immediately. From the setup of the 60 advisory centers to take-away print materials, out-of-home media, to digital applications: the interdisciplinary approach allows reaching the heterogeneous target audience along their individual customer journey effectively.

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CAMPAIGN: ‘Better Heating – Managing Costs’

The goal of this campaign is already clearly stated in the motto, addressing property owners, tenants, and influencers from politics, administration, and the professional community. The focus is on motivating private households, especially through the renovation of residential buildings, to save energy, use it efficiently, and adopt renewable energy sources.

The communication mix comprises ATL (Above the Line) and BTL (Below the Line) elements. The campaign is launched through a public event with Environment Minister Remmel and subsequently rolled out across all of NRW.
Radio and out-of-home advertisements create the necessary presence in public spaces, while the landing page and social media spots ensure reach and attention in digital channels.

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Explanation videos

Moving image formats for didactic purposes.

Complex subjects that require explanation can be methodically well-prepared in moving image formats. The depth of information can be precisely controlled, and the didactic sequence of knowledge modules can be carefully planned.

B+D creates the necessary concepts, texts, treatments, storyboards, and character designs for film projects. During the implementation phase, the agency handles voice castings, music compositions, graphic executions, and animations.

Example 1: Kim assists with climate-relevant purchasing decisions.

The new energy efficiency labels, which came into effect in 2021, provide improved guidance when purchasing electrical appliances and thus contribute to making climate-conscious decisions.

Example 2-4: Juri and his tips for teenagers.

Three topics on climate protection relevant to teenagers in their daily lives. Juri, along with other YouTubers, provides easily digestible tips on how to consume less electricity at home.

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