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Vaunet Medienverband

VAUNET – Verband Privater Medien is the economic and interest association of private providers of radio, television, and other media services. With over 150 members, its mission is to represent the interests of the media industry and strengthen the media location in Germany.

The path to positioning.

The basis of the corporate identity process consists of extensive analyses and a jointly conducted workshop to assess the current status of the association. Strategic and communicative goals and requirements associated with the realignment are also operationalized and compared with the current status of the association.

Identified differences between the current state and the desired image are systematically documented and transformed into requirement profiles for the subsequent steps. The result is a position paper that captures the strategic realignment with the company’s vision and mission. This is accompanied by the identification of relevant company values that serve as a basis for the operational implementation of the repositioning.
As part of this repositioning, B+D also develops a new name for the interest group. The previous abbreviation VPRT for ‘Verband Privater Rundfunk und Telemedien’ becomes VAUNET. The new name is derived from the initial letters of ‘Video’ and ‘Audio,’ which form the cornerstones of the association’s new thematic focus, along with the term ‘Network.’

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Revised corporate design with a distinctive color.

To visually emphasize the realignment, B+D develops a new corporate design, including a visual language, color scheme, shapes, and a unique tonality. Each segment of the association is assigned its own visually distinctive color scheme. B+D applies the design across VAUNET’s entire business stationery, including letterheads, business cards, and PowerPoint master templates.

Image brochures, information brochures, and annual reports are also comprehensively revised based on the new design guidelines. In addition to print communication, B+D is also responsible for redesigning the screen design of the association’s website. All corporate design guidelines are documented in an extensive Corporate Design Manual, available in both printed and digital formats.

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