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REWE Weinfreunde

“Good wine. For good friends.” For those seeking something exceptional from the finest vineyards, Weinfreunde offers an excellent selection. Whether in the online shop or in the retail stores of the REWE Group, the extensive range of exclusive wines crafted by skilled winemakers ensures a special delight for every palate. This commitment and personal connection guarantee Weinfreunde a steadily growing, loyal customer base.

dialogue marketing

Print mailings – creatively staged for impact

To selectively motivate customers for purchases, B+D, as the responsible partner for Weinfreunde’s B2B, B2C, and dialogue communication, has developed a comprehensive concept. This involved revising existing templates and promotional materials, optimizing them with new messages and design elements.

EXAMPLE 1: Merry Wine-mas

Christmas is a particularly lucrative time for quality wines. Under the motto ‘Time to Enjoy,’ the pre-Christmas Weinfreunde mailings create especially emotional buying impulses.

The concept: A small pleasure journey through a festively decorated chateau with exclusive wine tips from renowned winemakers. High-quality visuals and compositions give the mailing a special shine and high emotional persuasiveness.

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EXAMPLE 2: A Birthday Boost in Sales

For the 5th anniversary of Weinfreunde, B+D created a strikingly designed and enhanced anniversary mailing that combines personal congratulations from winemakers with special anniversary offers.

Both in terms of design and content, this celebrates the special sense of togetherness among Weinfreunde, winemakers, and customers, aiming to strengthen customer loyalty sustainably and connect with new buying impulses.

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EXAMPLE 3: The Wine of the Year

Once a year, Weinfreunde crowns a particularly exquisite drop as the Wine of the Year and presents it in a mailing that is both visually and tactilely high-quality – designed for strong sales by B+D.

EXAMPLE 4: Weinfreunde in Action

Action-oriented mailings with a strong focus on sales draw attention to attractive special and clearance sales without undermining the value of Weinfreunde. Color contrasts and action disruptors ensure maximum impulse impact.

Point-of-Sale Communication

Orientation and Inspiration – Directly at the Point of Sale (POS)

Who hasn’t experienced this? You stand in front of the wine shelf and just can’t decide. Weinfreunde helps all customers to find exactly the right one—through targeted and informative Point-of-Sale communication.

The right wine – in view at a glance

New POS displays right at the wine placement provide immediate orientation. What kind of wine is this, where does it come from, how does it taste, and what does it pair well with? Now, everyone can find their personal favorite much more quickly.

B+D designs individual POS displays for a total of 74 wines – in each of 2 formats for various placement situations – from design and retouching to printing. The result: a clean, informative look that creates a powerful impulse for indulgence.

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