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Postbank Employer Branding

For years, the shortage of skilled professionals has been increasingly evident in the financial sector. To establish itself as the top choice for financial advisors and real estate agents navigating their respective job markets, Postbank is investing in its employer brand. The independent sales team in the financial advisory and real estate sector aims to be strengthened by recruiting additional top performers while also retaining existing high-achievers.

Cross Channel Campaign

Shapers of the Future and Enablers.

A job is often much more than what the job description suggests. For their clients, independent real estate and financing specialists are dream fulfillers, door openers, or even happiness providers. This emotional dimension of benefits is the focus of the campaign.

Employees from both disciplines share their very personal success stories at Postbank. The endearing statements are tied together by a consistent theme: ‘I rely on myself. And on Postbank.’ It describes the professional growth potential within the company.

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Cross-media implementation along the candidate journey.

The touchpoint planning is aligned with the information-seeking behavior of potential applicants, aiming to reach them optimally and effectively at every stage. The central hub for this is the career website developed by B+D. In addition to providing comprehensive information, it also offers applicants the opportunity for direct contact with the Postbank team.

Additional reach is generated through print ads in target audience-specific publications, posters and flyers in Postbank branches, as well as online banners on industry-specific websites and a dedicated newsletter.