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Postbank Branch Communication

Being a bank with the most extensive branch network nationwide, it goes without saying that Postbank consistently leverages its Point of Sale (POS) to creatively emphasize and drive sales for its marketing priorities. B+D has been responsible for branch communication since 2005.


Example Campaign: ‘Giro Account for the World Cup’

B+D showcases products and services in both Postbank Financial Centers and all partner branches of Deutsche Post, providing sales-driven impulses to enhance awareness and conversion for the targeted activities.

As diverse as the products of Postbank are, the communicative concepts in the branch are equally varied: the messaging is tailored sharply to the possibilities of the ‘Point of Sale’ (POS) to provide information and call-to-action. This is achieved through traditional advertising mediums, Digital Signage applications with interactive features, and sales-supporting consultation materials.


User key visual examples for additional campaigns.

Digital Signage


To maximize activation of Postbank branches and financial centers, in addition to traditional print advertisements, video displays are also installed. These feature didactically prepared, rotating campaign content, information from the real estate business, as well as entertainment and regional news elements.

This is particularly aimed at highly frequented waiting areas at the counters and in the consulting zones of the branches, to leverage the dwell time and receptiveness of those waiting for product and service communication.


Nationwide Roadshow

An action that makes soccer fans’ hearts beat faster: The trained 20-member promotions team distributes Postbank footballs and times fans as they attempt to keep the ball in the air. They have the opportunity to win a brand-new soccer field for their city. The roadshow is conducted in all cities where Postbank-sponsored club Borussia M├Ânchengladbach plays during the season.

B+D is responsible for researching and managing the approval of robust promotion spaces, comprehensive logistics management, and developing a moderation guide for on-site implementation. Additionally, the tour planning involves the selection and optimal preparation of motivated promotion personnel. Specially branded vehicles are used for the roadshow. To ensure strong visibility, the campaign is accompanied by an extensive social media campaign played out across various channels.