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MEDION is one of the largest manufacturers of electrical products in Germany, employing over 1000 staff and specializing in the distribution of laptops, PCs, and other electronic devices. Known for its high-quality products, MEDION aims to create special and unique brand experiences for its young target audience. For several years, the company has been actively involved as a sponsor in esports, contributing to the growth and development of this rapidly expanding market.


On Tour with MEDION

With the aim of firmly establishing MEDION as a top provider of high-end gaming PCs, the brand is launching a nationwide roadshow in 2022. The brand-new laptop model, “ERAZER,” is intended to represent the quality of MEDION products and provide participants of the roadshow with an unforgettable gaming experience.

MEDION on everyone’s lips

B+D is responsible for the concept, planning, and implementation of the nationwide truck tour. The elaborate 40-ton truck with 20 gaming stations serves as a symbolic act and is the venue for an exciting gaming challenge. Participants in the ERAZER can play with or against selected gaming industry stars and have the chance to win high-quality prizes. Visitors can immerse themselves in a unique MEDION brand experience and experience the products live.

The collaboration with top stars and influencers from the gaming scene generates attention and effectively reaches the predominantly young target audience. The kick-off event is strategically chosen to coincide with the start of the Gamescom trade fair in Cologne, garnering media coverage. The result: Kids and teens eagerly line up to play in the truck, and MEDION successfully positions itself as an approachable high-end brand in the gaming industry. Additionally, B+D produces content about the tour, which MEDION subsequently broadcasts on various channels. A comprehensive roadshow concept, including tour planning, location scouting, truck customization, and an appropriate youth protection concept, is delivered holistically by B+D.

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