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The world’s largest makeup brand, ‘Maybelline,’ is renowned not only for its high-performance cosmetic products but also for its top events featuring global stars such as Adriana Lima and Gigi Hadid. The leading New York-based brand consistently sets new standards in the beauty industry.

Fashion Week Event

Events on the Berlin Fashion Week

As a market leader, Maybelline is constantly seeking close contact with its target audience and exploring opportunities to set new trends in the industry. To achieve this, the cosmetics manufacturer plans shows at the Berlin Fashion Week. The challenge lies in engaging and involving consumers, trade partners, press, and influencers equally in a complex omnichannel strategy centered around the event.

For two consecutive years, B+D has conceptualized and executed the largest show of the Berlin Fashion Week. Handling everything from corporate event design to the show, consumer activations, and PR and press strategy, B+D provides an all-encompassing approach. The event features a top diversity model cast and international stars such as Adriana Lima (Victoria’s Secret) and Nicole Scherzinger (Pussycat Dolls). The show, as the main attraction, is accompanied by numerous micro-events and live brand collaborations. In addition to a high-impact livestream of the event, content is created and distributed across all channels, generating hundreds of millions of contacts and making Maybelline the ‘Talk of the Town.