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With increasing age – sometimes already from the mid-30s – muscle mass and muscle strength gradually decrease. Regular exercise and sports help counteract this.

LIVADUR® is an excellent companion for increasing performance during physical activity with the help of creatine.

The Muscle Function Active Complex additionally supports muscle contraction and energy metabolism with magnesium and contributes to the maintenance of normal muscle function with Vitamin D.

Brand Rrelaunch

Power Pack Against Muscle Breakdown

The packaging design is essentially characterized by the medical-scientific depiction of two figures of undetermined age. The skeleton and muscular support system are made visible through transparencies to directly refer to the targeted effect of Livadur.

It focuses on two popular sports (running/cycling) to achieve relevance for a broad target audience. The color coding “Blue & White” aligns with established color associations in the health context, combining vitality with scientific rigor and ensuring the necessary medical expertise of the product.

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Cross-Media Campaigns

Become an activist!

If you don’t take action, you accept the age-related decline in muscle strength and mass passively. However, there is no reason for fatalism: With LIVADUR and regular exercise, everyone can take on and win the personal battle against muscle loss!

The campaign features real activists who, with the support of LIVADUR, resolutely take on the fight to successfully defend and reclaim their active lifestyle. Under the slogan “Fight against muscle loss!”, the target audience positions itself as part of a powerful movement, forcefully initiated and supported by LIVADUR.

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Pharmacy Marketing

Presence at the POS

Through targeted sell-in measures for pharmacies, the overall campaign is prepared and supported. This enables a gradual distribution build-up and ensures comprehensive availability at the point of sale (POS).

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