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IP Deutschland

The leading medium television is still an effective advertising channel. The RTL media group reaches millions of people every day with its numerous offerings in linear and addressable TV, on the internet, and with video-on-demand (VoD) services.

Corporate Design

Moving images move people.

IP Deutschland markets this extensive and versatile offering to national and international advertising clients. However, the specific target audience, advertisers, and media agencies, is highly demanding. Creativity in communication and persuasion in argumentation are essential.

In the Sign of the Four Screens

For those familiar with German media, ‘the Indian’ is a well-known term. The logo of IP Deutschland is a long-established trademark, albeit a bit dated.For those familiar with German media, ‘the Indian’ is a well-known term. The logo of IP Deutschland is a long-established trademark, albeit a bit dated.

We gave the Indian a facelift and clarified his character. The Indian is transformed into a chief, clearly representing IP’s leadership claim. The brand design is completely redesigned. IP Deutschland appears fresher and more vibrant, featuring a new corporate font, new corporate colors, and a new visual language. Simultaneously, the communication strategy is revised, and a new communication program is conceptualized.
The brand relaunch involves the complete redesign of internal media, starting with the centerpiece of communication, the website, which later even receives the German Brand Award. The business stationery and sales presentations also receive a new design.
The relaunch is accompanied by the first major cross-media campaign, with several more to follow in the years of collaboration.

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Corporate Publishing

FOURSCREEN – the Must-Read of the Branche

Providing real added value with continuity. That is the goal of this exclusive magazine, FOURSCREEN. With success: a format that caters to the needs of the target audience.

Everything from one source.

The corporate mag impresses with high quality in editorial content, design, and production. In total, six issues of FOURSCREEN are designed by us each year, following the complete concept, including naming, originating from our creative workshop.

Each issue comprises 100 to 120 pages and focuses on a different thematic emphasis, providing new professional insights each time.
Over 5,000 high-quality copies are distributed to the target audience, advertisers, and media agencies, per issue. Thanks to the professional presentation of content and the relevance of the topics, the magazine has become a ‘must-read’ in the industry. This not only strengthens the brand image of IP Deutschland but also fortifies the formats of the broadcaster and, consequently, the sales.

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Crossmedia Campaigns

Creative campaigns for creative target audiences.

Image and information are not mutually exclusive. On the contrary, the interplay of attention-grabbing ideas, visually powerful motifs, and relevance to the target audience leads to success.

Campaign: Emotions

Like no other format, moving images evoke emotions in people. And that is precisely the creative guiding idea of a very special campaign that is as diverse as emotions can be.

More than 40 visuals place the emotional power of primarily TV advertising at the center of the cross-media B2B campaign. The combination of artwork and text surprisingly leads directly to very practical promises of benefits for brands and advertisers. The focus is on specific TV formats and genres and their very specific involvement qualities. Involvement that effectively influences brand perception and consumer behavior positively—especially since IP Deutschland, as a Fourscreen marketer, not only broadcasts video campaigns via TV but also precisely targets them online and on mobile. The visuals are placed as print ads, banner ads, and pre-rolls in the leading media of the advertising industry.

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Campaign: The Environment Protectors

Advertising is increasingly being displayed in inappropriate environments. Not at IP, as Brand Safety is a priority here. It is the subject of a cross-media B2B campaign, portrayed in all its facets. No other player invests as much effort, in comparison to the competition, in securing advertising environments.

Approximately 700 journalists editorially oversee and secure the environments, and nine full-time youth protection officers take care of the youngest viewers. The examination of environments according to strict quality criteria categorically excludes harmful content and ad clutter. Reason enough to prominently position the topic in a specially developed campaign.

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Lived quality standards

Who could better stand for the safety of advertising environments than the employees of IP themselves? After all, they are the ones who ensure this with their daily work.

They embody this quality standard and therefore become campaign ambassadors. As authentic figures of identification, they are given the title ‘Environment Protectors’ and stand for various facets of Brand Safety with credible and verifiable arguments.
The campaign is cross-media and targets advertisers in companies and employees in media agencies. The content hub for this essential topic is a dedicated landing page on the subject of Brand Safety. In addition to print ads in relevant magazines and digital banner and video ads on well-known industry platforms, the campaign is also played out on popular social media channels. Moving image content is presented in the form of short pre-rolls as well as longer employee portraits with in-depth information, in which the Environment Protectors convey their personal commitment to Brand Safety. B+D Communications is responsible not only for individual shootings and spot productions but also for the creation, production, and programming of advertising materials.

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