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Ideen Expo Hannover

Under the motto “Just do it!” the IdeenExpo 2022, Europe’s largest youth event for technology and natural sciences, takes place for the fourth time at the fairgrounds in Hannover. The message and the offering: “Try yourself out! Join in! Take your professional future actively into your own hands!

The IdeenExpo sees itself as a comprehensive information platform for professions with a scientific focus. In nationwide cooperation with politics, business, and science, it provides a nine-day extensive hands-on program for students and those interested in studies.


Career Orientation with a Fun Factor

The goal of the Ideen Expo is to promote the next generation of professionals for careers in the fields of natural sciences, technology, computer science, and mathematics. The event focuses on the playful conveyance of information and the relaxed experimentation to reduce inhibitions and barriers.

The campaign designed by B+D embraces the IdeenExpo’s ambition and portrays seemingly complex or ‘nerdy’ professions through playful combinations of realistic target audience personas with their imaginative worlds of experiences.

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Accompanying Print Communication

B+D creates informational material for all phases of the event period: announcement, roadshow at schools, daily programs, and on-site navigation.

Social Media Activation

Social Buzz: Involvement for the pre-start and live phases.

From the countdown to the end of the event, the message is: Try out the professions at IdeenExpo! Join in! Take your professional future actively into your own hands! Dare to! Just do it!

B+D transforms scientist portraits, job profiles, and top acts into easily consumable information blocks within the overall campaign, supporting the IdeenExpo’s social media feed over several weeks.

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On-Ground Communication

Brand Presence, Visitor Guidance, and Daily Communication

Nine days, 425,000 visitors, over 280 exhibitors, 720 interactive exhibits, more than 750 workshops, four major talk evenings, conferences, and six concerts on three evenings – that’s IdeenExpo 2022!

B+D ensures the design background noise throughout the entire event area by prominently staging the on-site campaign look.

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