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Endurance sports are thriving in Germany. The young sports company HYCYS has quickly become a leading provider of high-quality services focused on performance improvement in triathlon, cycling, and running. The service portfolio includes coaching, performance diagnostics, as well as bike and AeroFittings – catering to professional athletes, ambitious amateurs, and hobby athletes. The innovative approaches set real benchmarks in the scene.

Brand development

A consistent concept: the brand HYCYS

When is a brand successful? When brand management is understood as a management process that runs through all areas of the company. Only if the brand is strategically well-developed will it work sustainably – starting with strategic positioning and extending to design elaboration.

Already in the development of the brand identity, consisting of Brand Vision, Brand Mission, and Brand Values, it becomes very clear that the athletes are at the center of the brand. “Co-creating success” is the new essence of the brand. The brand identity is operationalized through brand positioning and communication. In a strategy workshop, B+D, together with the company’s objectives, develops the positioning strategy. The brand key is used as an instrument, where, in addition to the benefit, the unique selling proposition (USP) is deeply anchored in the brand identity.

Naming, Logo-Design und Claim-Development

The individual success of the athletes is at the core of the brand – and is simultaneously the inspiration for the developed name: HYCYS. Phonetically derived from “High Size,” the name also subtly suggests “high science,” reinforcing the scientific approach. The spelling with two Y’s is not only highly distinctive but fundamental for strong brand protection.

The pronunciation is supported by a claim developed by B+D, emphasizing the positioning: “High Performance. Coached by Science.” Both the naming and the claim work well internationally, aligning with the company’s goals.
The color-accentuated Y extends intentionally to the upper right from the wordmark, emphasizing a goal- and success-oriented dynamism. The italicized typography conveys powerful speed – and, at the same time, high professionalism and trustworthiness.

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Corporate Design Development

With the name, logo, and claim, the foundation for HYCYS’s corporate design is established. The design of the newly created brand HYCYS is defined within the framework of brand design. Communication will primarily focus on digital environments. Color schemes, imagery, typography, and design elements are aligned with the digital application in the corporate design.

In particular, the color palette, featuring the fresh Pacific Blue combined with a sturdy gray tone, and the dynamic shapes emphasize the brand’s character. Thanks to a grading concept, images from various sources can be immersed in a brand-specific look, creating a cohesive visual identity. With the development of the corporate design, B+D also implements numerous tools for HYCYS’s everyday operations. A toolbox is created, allowing HYCYS to work efficiently and independently.

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Website Architecture & Design

The centerpiece of digital communication

The website is often the most important touchpoint, increasingly also a point of sale. Therefore, it is of fundamental importance that it is built and designed with high quality, user-friendly, and modern standards.

The website concept, created in close collaboration with the client, is implemented based on branding and corporate design. Functionality and user experience are the primary focus. In line with modern web trends, the principle of “less is more” is applied, ensuring that all crucial areas of the website are easily accessible with just a few clicks. SEO optimization is given high priority.

Content Marketing

Content Marketing is a direct line to customers

Social Selling, Social Listening, and more: Content Marketing is more relevant than ever. It builds relationships – and relationships lead to purchases. In recent years, the significance of content, especially with the Social Media boom, has exploded. In sports, its importance is particularly high. When professionally executed, it presents the optimal opportunity to make the team relatable and establish a sustainable connection with athletes.

Social Media

In close collaboration with the HYCYS team, we have developed a content strategy for the relevant social media channels (Facebook and Instagram). Content plans are created for the medium to long term, without losing flexibility. The content is delivered to consumers through specially developed formats. The look is rounded off with visual elements that are coordinated with the corporate design.

The HYCYS Blog

A blog is a way to acquire new customers and maintain relationships with existing ones. Your own expertise is entertainingly packaged to provide added value to the readers. In the HYCYS blog, interested individuals receive training tips, are provided with expert knowledge, and get to know the HYCYS coaches better. Blog posts are relevant for SEO, as they contribute to regularly updating content on the website.

The Junkmiles Podcast

The podcast market is booming, and the potential for companies is enormous. Especially in endurance sports, where athletes are receptive and traditionally very curious during long training sessions. “Junkmiles” is a genuine win-win solution: customers are informed and entertained, and HYCYS reaches its target audience here as intensively as hardly anywhere else.

Since September 2020, HYCYS Managing Director Björn Geesmann and journalist Daniel Beck have been releasing a weekly episode of the “Junkmiles” podcast. Even a podcast needs to be marketed strategically. Consequently, Junkmiles has its own branding – including naming, logo, brand design, and website – and it has been successful: Junkmiles is now the leading triathlon podcast on Spotify, with a maximum possible rating of 5.0 based on over 900 reviews.

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