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GÖRG Corporate Law Firm

GÖRG is one of the leading corporate law firms in Germany. However, a prominent case from the past in insolvency law tends to overshadow the portfolio of almost all disciplines in business law, tax consulting, and insolvency administration. A corporate identity process and a subsequent brand relaunch mark the transformation.

Corporate Identity Process

From Law Firm to Brand

What defines the GÖRG brand? How does it differentiate itself from other law firms? What matters to its target audiences? Through a series of workshops, employee surveys, and in-depth interviews with selected staff and clients, we delved into these questions during the Corporate Identity Process.

The result: a self-image and external perception, from which we provided specific recommendations for the revision of the company’s mission statement, brand architecture, positioning, and a corporate design relaunch. Essential foundations for sustainable communication, a distinct profile, and visibility in the market.

Practically Competent and Personally Convincing

The new umbrella brand, positioned as a calm anchor preceding the powerful color codes of the sub-brands, succinctly captures the new positioning with the claim ‘Your Business Law Firm.’

Like a common thread, proximity, partnership, and a strong connection to clients and employees run through the new corporate design and communication. From the screen design of the website to newsletter templates, business stationery, print materials, and presentations, everything is redesigned. Consistency is key for the brand to establish its new positioning in the long run and fulfill its role as a management tool.
In image communication, the positioning is further emphasized: the campaign highlights GÖRG’s partners – practically competent and personally convincing. An impressive outcome from eight photoshoots with over 20 images, which also play a prominent role in employer branding.

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Employer Branding

Recruiting in Focus

The battle for talent is also being fought in the law firm market. However, compensation is no longer the sole criterion, especially for young professionals. We know what attracts talents to GÖRG.

For young professionals, it’s no longer solely about the highest possible compensation. It’s about much more: a balanced work-life, the working atmosphere, and the opportunity for personal development.

Points that positively differentiate GÖRG from many competitors. And that’s exactly what we showcase in numerous visuals. Applicants get to know a pragmatic, approachable employer who places special emphasis on relationships with employees and clients.

The advertisements are primarily placed in legal trade journals, university and trade fair magazines, as well as newsletters of relevant academies. Naturally, the campaign is also featured in the career section of the GÖRG website and is adapted for exhibition stands at training and career fairs.

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