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German Aerospace Center (DLR)

Unique in Germany and Europe: The German Aerospace Center (DLR) significantly contributes to shaping the future through research in aviation, space, energy, transportation, security, and digitalization. The diverse research with its numerous projects is made accessible to the target audiences through cross-media communication. The knowledge for tomorrow, available today.

Branding and Design

Future in Images – with 3D Virtual Reality

Representing something that does not yet exist in reality or is not visible to the naked eye is of particular interest to research. Especially for technical fields of science, it is crucial to translate their findings into real scenarios to make them accessible to a broad audience.

For the research area of “Electric Aviation” at DLR, virtual realities are created in 3D design, bringing research objects to life and placing them in realistic environments. This is done based on CAD data or even just sketches. The generated visuals are used in all public relations efforts, whether in digital or printed publications, at trade shows, or on the web.

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Corporate Publishing

Corporate Publishing Projects

The DLR Magazine: Projects, Partners, People

As a quarterly publication, the magazine caters to employees at various locations and an interested public. Through numerous reports, features, portraits, and updates, the DLR Magazine provides in-depth insights into the work of the German Aerospace Center. Each of the four yearly issues, available in both German and English, is approximately 60 pages long and is accessible in both printed and digital formats.

Starting from the first issue created by B+D, the design concept is optimized without interrupting the regular publishing rhythm. Without deviating from the familiar appearance, the editorial design is expanded and modernized, significantly improving the structure and clarity. Layout elements are reorganized and standardized, resulting in a cohesive look. Large images enhance emotional appeal, and the adjusted, more modern colors provide a clearer association with specific thematic focuses.

For editorial management, editing, and translation, the K4 editorial management system is utilized, allowing the client to work directly on texts already incorporated into the layout. B+D comprehensively guides the process up to the joint print approval with DLR.

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DLR Wall Calendar 2020

The annually released, large-format wall calendar is one of DLR’s prestige publications. Each year, a focal theme is visually presented, and the calendar is produced in a limited edition.

Outstanding DLR projects are featured and showcased on the front and back sides of 12 monthly pages, along with additional inserts. With spectacular images, exceptional design, and extraordinary finishing techniques, the calendar is a coveted item for all location offices year after year.vv

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DLR Wall Calendar 2021

In the following year, B+D once again won the competition for the design of the calendar. The text-image combinations on the front and back sides, coupled with context-oriented dividers, excitingly convey the stories behind DLR’s flagship projects.

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Digital Communication

Science Communication in Digital Environments

Digital communication is an integral part of the communication mix. Thus, all publications of the DLR are not only made available on the website but also independent formats for science communication are established.

Web Presence E²Flight

In the face of ongoing climate change and the resulting challenges, the E²Flight conference, primarily addressing “electric aviation,” aims to become a brand and the leading professional congress in the field of electric flying.

Creating a dedicated landing page with registration functionality is the logical next step. The one-pager impresses with a clear page structure, reduced text content, and prominently featured visual elements. The latter are additionally highlighted by the striking parallax effect. An event registration form is also integrated. B+D was able to comprehensively realize the concept, screen design, content management, and technical implementation in WordPress.
For subsequent years’ events, the website will be further expanded in advance and receive a design update.

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