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The “Optical Technologies for Situational Awareness Lab” (OPTSAL) is an innovation lab at the DLR Institute for Optical Sensor Systems. The goal of OPTSAL is to establish a center of excellence for optical situation awareness for civil and disaster protection.

Corporate Design

Logo development and design language

The two main requirements for the development of the new OPTSAL logo were, on the one hand, a strong presence of the lab’s name and, on the other hand, the visual representation of the core capabilities of the research facility.

B+D develops a logo design whose overall graphical concept stands out through the symbolic linkage of the company’s abbreviation with the streamlined representation of its performance dimensions. Furthermore, additional parameters for an independent presence in communication were defined, such as fonts, colors, geometries, imagery, and an illustration style for depicting abstract content — for still and moving images.

explainer video

Explainer Video on the fields of work at OPTSAL.

In civil and disaster protection, police operations, or large-scale events, authorities require the most up-to-date and reliable situational awareness. Optical technologies for situational awareness can provide crucial support here—whether from space, on board a drone, or as ground-based systems.

B+D develops an explainer video that succinctly documents the fields of action and goals of OPTSAL, illustrating them in an understandable manner.


The web presence for the lab.

B+D is responsible for the conception, design, implementation, as well as hosting of the website (, serving as a content hub for project communication.

In addition to the central project presentation with the involved partners, there is a client-editable news section that provides information on current developments and topics. The flat design illustration style allows for a very vivid representation of the complex project in both animated and static images, while also emphasizing the friendly character of the project brand.