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Corona Extra

LEH Promotions

Brand experience with strong impulses.

To drink Corona is different than just drinking beer. Because no other beer provides the relaxed feeling of beach and sun after a day’s work. Its malty-sweet flavor and the elegant hints of corn and citrus awaken memories of the last vacation by the sea. Corona brings pure beach feeling into everyday life. Corona is inseparably connected to the lime ritual because it perfectly accentuates the fresh note of the beer.

Corona is now consumed in over 180 countries and is one of the most valuable beer brands in the world. To ensure a sustainable presence in the consumer’s relevant set, the brand world is consistently conveyed to the point of sale, extending beyond the hospitality industry.

Pure Beach Feeling at the POS.

B+D designs and implements various value-added and visibility promotions for the retail sector. The focus is on secondary placements for can and bottle packaging—always linked with the lime ritual as an integral part of the complete product experience.