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Codepromotion for the LEH

Summer, Sun, Beer and Music!

The global audio streaming service DEEZER and Germany’s most renowned beer brand BECK’S are teaming up for a musical summer refreshment with a joint code promotion. Anyone who purchases a BECK’S bottle with the corresponding promotional code can enjoy 24 hours of free Deezer Premium.

The codes can be found in all bottle caps of the marked promotional bottles, as well as in the can tabs of the Beck’s Pils promotional cans. This promotion, designed for the retail sector, includes over 125 million branded promotional packages. It allows BECK’S fans to access Deezer’s catalog of 53 million titles with all premium benefits for a day, making it a unique opportunity.

Easy participation through digital access.

B+D is responsible for the design, programming, and hosting of the responsive promotion page. This platform manages the accreditation and directs users to the promotion. Upon entering the promotional codes on the website, participants are granted access to Deezer. They can register for free or, if they already have an account, log in to enjoy the benefits of the promotion.