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abcfinance GmbH sees itself as a strong and reliable financing partner for medium-sized businesses, the backbone of the German economy. In particular, leasing and factoring models, as well as industry-specific sales financing, constitute the company’s main offerings.


Systematization of Sales Literature

Financial concepts are never standard but must be tailored to individual needs and conditions. abcfinance meets this requirement with sales materials that consider all relevant industries.

Many target customers are found in craftsmanship or medium-sized industry. This requires a flexible concept for print materials because here, paper is still being flipped through. Additionally, all sales materials are made accessible online.

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Impulses for the Industry Environment

The media strategy focuses on a differentiated concept: Impulse advertisements are placed in industry-specific B2B publications, serving as a springboard for sales activities.

Annual Report 2019

Storytelling in a Clear Garb

Development of a conceptual framework for the design and tone of the annual report: Different chapter topics are introduced with monolithic keywords, accompanied by scenes of athletic excellence.

Powerful and Unadorned Design

Projects, achievements, and goals of the fiscal year 2019 are focused on key anchor themes and condensed into relevant statements – in words and images. Metaphorically charged through the terms “foresight, efficiency, growth, perspective – and agility.”

Annual Report 2020

Unity Empowers Strength

The experts at abcfinance work closely together to provide their customers with bundled industry and financial expertise from a single source. This results in solutions that secure growth and drive the markets of tomorrow. This provides high security and the best prospects.

The image and layout concept convey closeness and unity on the path to a successful future.

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Annual Report 2021

A Closer Look

ABCfinance’s offerings are an essential contribution to their customers’ business success: leasing, factoring, and sales financing are services that, in various ways, ensure the liquidity of companies.

Critical to the effectiveness and ultimately the success of the tools is a deeper look into the business of the customers. The image concept follows this idea and addresses specific aspects of this perspective with metaphorical image statements.